Using WordPress Translation now and thumbnails for Team Players (version 1.11)

Release 1.11 is available for download.

On request, a thumbnail is added when listing Team Players. Only when a featured image for the player is available, of course.

This plugin uses the WordPress Translation (PolyGlot) now. From the start the Dutch language has been (and will be) supported. If you want to be ‘language editor’ for your own language, you are encouraged to use the contact form to make yourself known.

Conversion to CSS completed and some fixes (version 1.10)

The Individual Scoring format – introduced in the previous version – got some fixes based on first user feedback.

The widget that displays a list of current Matches got 2 new controls to more accurately control the widget’s content.

A new shortcode “scm_match_current” is available now. It offers similar functionality as the widget, but can be used in posts and pages.

The conversion of all table layout (in shortcodes) into proper CSS divs has been completed. This greatly simplifies customization in your (child) theme.

New Competition Format “Individual” (version 1.9)

Version 1.9 is available for download and contains a new Competition Format.

Next to Leagues and Knockout Tournaments where 2 competitors (or 2 teams) compete in Matches, an “Individual” format is available now. This format fits those sports where there is a score for each individual player (or team). This makes the format applicable to:

  • Golf – strokeplay (for matchplay, the Knockout format can be used)
  • Shooting / Archery
  • Athletics (*)

When creating a Competition you can select the number of rounds per Match (like: 9 holes in golf, or 10 shots in archery). In addition, set how the scoring/ranking shall be computed.

(*) Next to scores that are numbers (0, 1, 6, etc) we’ll add “time” in the near future.


Match-widget and introducing CSS (version 1.8)

Version 1.8 adds a widget to display a list of current matches on your site.

In addition, version 1.8 starts using CSS support to enable better customization (e.g. in a child theme you may have created for your site).

Along the process of adding CSS support, a number of shortcode outputs do not use a table layout anymore. Not all tables have been converted yet, esp. the ranking table and the table of matches for the specific league and knock-out formats. This will become available in the next release.

First Widget (version 1.7)

Version 1.7 has just been released. Apart from some fixes, it contains the first widget.

The widget displays which members of your club celebrate their birthday in the coming period. You can see it in the sidebar of this page!

The widget title and the period to scan for birthdays (relative to today) can be specified when installing the widget on your site.

Version 1.6

Two new features

  • Next to exporting Member and Invoice data to a CSV file, there is the option to export Competitions (Matches) to a CSV file.
  • The shortcode for displaying a team Competitor now supports to display the contact info of the team Members. This contact info is only available to users who have logged in to your site and – depending on the privacy settings – are part of the team.

Version 1.3

A new version is available. There’s a new shortcode to list all members, an additional privacy setting, and matches can now be sorted (by date) in both ascending and descending order.

Version 1.2

Latest version is now 1.2.

Fixed a couple of issues for the Knockout competition format. In addition, made sure that the ‘disable in ranking’ option can only be used for the League format (for Knockout it simply doesn’t make sense).